BLUE LIGHTS.. What Are They?

Firefighters in the Town of Monroe are 100% volunteer; meaning there is no paid personnel, and there is no firefighter at any station at any given time. This means, when a call comes in (minor or major), firefighters must make their way from home or work, to their designated firehouse in order to respond to the scene in fire department apparatus. State law grants responding firefighters to utilize blue flashing lights to alert traffic that they are a firefighter on their way to a call for service.

Keep in mind that the easier a firefighter is able to move through traffic, the faster the response time in an emergency!

 It is not state law to stop and/or pull over for these flashing blue lights, as they are legally considered "courtesy lights", however,  taking  a few seconds to pull to the right, may save a life in an accident, or stop a fire from spreading further than it needs to.

Thank you for your continued cooperation in helping keep Monroe, Connecticut safe!

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